Friday, 3 January 2014

2014: the year we step out of comfort zone

we felt this change coming for a long time now. the city has been dragging us down. into debt, making us fatter, complacent, unadventurous. we know we've not been living life to the fullest and it was hard to admit that. mang, it's just so easy to fall into the traps that north american living sets up for you. 

but, it's Jan 3rd, friday, and I'm feelin' alright with the world.

March is our last month in this city, Toronto. 

we've still been struggling with our ultimate responsibilities as parents and what this trip will mean for our family. so, to ease that, we've set up some boundaries, low expectations and we have taken on the attitude of: what do we have to lose. if this fails, well, at least we tried to follow another path, to try and find a better way of life. not held down by 'things'. but living with the realisation that life only happens once, so get the fuck to it!

We will spend April with my folks in Chatham, getting organised and ready to hit the road in May. 

the plan - Chatham to Alaska:

1. stow n go van. 

2. only driving 2-3 hours a day, which is only fair to m-cakes..with all the hurrying, stressing we've done this past year, it's time to slow it down. A LOT.

3. we are part of - which has the profiles of farms & families across canada that need volunteers to stay and help out on the farm... this looks after our accommodation and most times, food. bam! the two most expensive parts of a roadtrip are taken care of. we meet new amazing people, we assist families who are also trying to create an alternative lifestyle, m-cakes gets to be around animals, dirt, lakes, mountains, fields, fresh air, bugs all day long. we get to use our skills in exchange for seeing a part of this beautiful country we haven't really even glimpsed yet. 

4. in between volunteering stops, we will get some odd job work, to try and track down enough $ for some groceries and some gas money. we are budgeted for a 3 month trip , without funds, but will be seeking odd jobs, as we go along, to avoid dipping into savings. the more we save, the longer we stay on the road.

5. we are also part of couchsurfing, a house sitting network, and a boondoocking network.... internet don't fail us while on the road. hah!

6. in between stays, we found a groovy 2 room tent, with awning that attaches to the back of the van and becomes this amazing tent space.... for only $300. we toyed with the idea of a tent trailer, but why spend $5k on a trailer, which just makes life harder.... with just a van, it will be easier to go incognito along a lovely little lake somewhere along the way.

7. we have vowed to stick to this for 1 and a half months. no matter what happens. 

in 2014, we aim to step out of our comfort zone. terrifying, full of mistakes to be made, problems to be solved, getting fit, making new friends and creating memories.