Sunday, 27 October 2013

it's the end of october, 2013.

we are a small family of three, living in downtown toronto. but we're slowly trying to transform our lives into living a new adventure in 2014. we are unsure of exactly what the adventure will be, but we feel an odd awakening happening, that we just cannot shake. we know we need to make a change and that there must be another way of living in north america, other than what we are supposed to believe. 

Maybe if we start this, a mischief of three, we could grow into a massive mischief, of other mice who decide to take a month or a year out of your everyday life and give a travelling adventure a try, alone or with your family or with a friend... and we would love to be able to connect with these other mice and welcome them into our mischief....

the process of determining a family adventure, is just that, a process... 

1. make some extra money, as we are currently a one-income family in a very expensive city. we've got a few tricks up our sleeve and will post them in the next month.

2. getting rid our stuff. we live fairly simply, but mang, the abundance of stuff we have and we really need to purge. purging is painful, did I mention that yet?  

3. how do we make a living while on our adventure. these thoughts plague me at times, but sometimes, i think, que sera sera whatever will be, will be. you can feel totally positive one day, then completely negative the next day. but the important part is to realise that ANYONE WHO EVER STARTED AN ADVENTURE of any kind, always has these same thoughts.

4. what will the adventure be. there are some options we are tossing around.

5. can we create some kind of change for others while embarking on this journey and could we possibly influence others to do the same?  can we give of ourselves and leave a legacy in some way while we adventure? can we teach our daughter outside of the box? can we help others during our adventure, make new friends, new experiences and create a new life for ourselves that we would have ever known existed unless we take this leap?

6. try to erase the fear of leaping into the unknown so we don't live with regret.

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