Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Struggling with what a parent should do to benefit their child...

Sometimes, I think, wow, wait - why would I leave a job with benefits with mediocre pay, a great boss, freedom of hours, walk to work of 20 minutes, in one the best cities in north america? Is it my responsibility to give up any dreams and any ideas I might have, for the greater good of ensuring she has a stable childhood? Is it really my job to ensure that all goes smoothly for her and the hiccups are minimal?

Sometimes I wonder if I am being selfish.

But then, sometimes, I think that this journey we are planning to take will teach her more than any school will and by doing this, we are forced to live simply, which means less time spent working , ultimately creating more time for her and her development. Instead, is it my responsibility to show her what living without invisible boundaries should be like? That we are given chances and opportunities to make our lives better but it is up to us if we take them?

Perhaps it's just the urge to over think things in this day and age can lead to us to worrying more about the future, instead of just enjoying the present. Parenting is such a personal thing and everyone wonders if they are doing it right....

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